Primary investigator

Kirill Bolotin
    Associate professor

Graduate Students

    Dhiraj Prasai
    projects: Corrosion-protection using graphene; Electrical transport in high-mobility MoS2

    Andrey Klots 
    project: Photocurrent spectroscopy of excitons in MoS2

    Ryan Nicholl
    projects: controlling flexural phonons and pseudomagnetic fields in suspended graphene

                           Ben Weintrub
                           projects: 2D hetetrostructures

                           Austin Howes
                           projects: Coupling between excitons in MoS2 with excitation in molecules


Dr. AKM Newaz (Now an assistant professor at SFSU)
Dr. Hiram Conley (Now a researcher at Intel)
Alex Wynn (Now a researcher at Lincoln labs)

Undergraduate and Highschool Students

    Ivan Velkovsky
    projects: Fabricating high quality 2D material heterostructure

    Brian Fang
    projects: Stem cells on graphene